Friday, May 31, 2024

IEC restores results dashboard after it crashed on Friday morning

The Electoral Commission (IEC) has apologised to voters and the media who were unable to view results in the National and Provincial Elections for almost two hours on Friday morning.


The leaderboards at the Results Operations Centre (ROC) in Midrand and the online results dashboard are currently back up and running.

“The Electoral Commission confirms that it has experienced interruption in the replication of data from its national data centre and the various Results Operation Centres. The data in the data centre remains intact and the results have not been compromised. All services have since been restored and the leaderboard is working normal,” said the commission.

It said the processing of results is continuing and unaffected.

Meanwhile, the Economic Freedom fighters (EFF) has raised concern about the ‘technical glitch’.

In a statement, the red berets says ‘’the crashing of the dashboard highlights the incompetence and inability of the IEC to safeguard our democracy.’’

National spokesperson, Leigh-Ann Mathys says the problem arose on Election Day.

‘’The incompetence was first witnessed on the voting day, where the VMD machines were not fully functional in many voting stations across the country. This resulted in long lines and a longer voting process which were not properly managed by the institution.’’

‘’The crash of the results dashboard for such a historical election is concerning and warrants a thorough investigation to ensure transparency and integrity in the electoral process. We call on the IEC to act swiftly in rectifying any technical problems which may arise during this time to maintain public trust in the democratic process,’’ she added.

As at 11a.m on Friday, the commission has completed 58% of the results

Access the live results at


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