Monday, November 16, 2009

Reggae singer blamed for Springbok defeat

By Nomava Nobumba
16 November 2009

A former Springbok player says Ras Dumisani’s tuneless version of South Africa's national anthem performed ahead of the match between the two countries in Toulouse had contributed to their defeat.

He claims that his performance had been sabotaged.

Former flyhalf Naas Botha reacted with anger.

He suggested to the media that the performance had a hand in the World Cup title-holders’ defeat.

Meanwhile, President of the South African Rugby Union Oregan Hoskins has sent a letter of complaint to the French rugby union.

The reggae singer, Ras Dumisani, sang off-key and at times it sounded like he was shouting, rather than singing.

The South African embassy in France is quoted as saying it had supplied the French rugby union with a list of South African artists as requested, but had not recommended a specific artist.

Ras Dumisani says old equipment is to blame for his howling performance of Nkosi Sikelel iAfrika before the Test, which France won 20-13.


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