Wednesday, April 20, 2011

ACDP applauds Statistics South Africa

By Lelethu Mquqo
20 April 2011

The African Christian Democratic Party has commended the work done by Statistics South Africa, and by statistician-general, Pali Lehohla.

ACDP Member of Parliament Steve Swart says many people do not realise the importance of obtaining official statistics about the country.

He says this information is used by parliamentarians to make vital decisions.

Swart urged all South Africans to participate in Census 2011, which is set to take place in November.


At Thursday, 21 April, 2011, Anonymous LP Louw said...

If only the census people would actually go through the trouble of coming to us when in the area. My family has been disregarded in all the previous census campaigns. We thought it was because we lived on a farm, but we have since discovered that our farm labourers were approached, but we were ignored. Why is that?


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