Thursday, July 31, 2014

Minister of Trade and Industry summoned to Parliament

Natalie Malgas
31 July 2014

The Democratic Alliance has welcomed the decision to summon Minister of Trade and Industry Rob Davies to Parliament to account for the limitations placed on corporate visa applications in relation to business undertakings.

DA MP of Trade and Industry Dean Macpherson said the Minister failed to respond to questions for the decision on any other platform.

Macpherson alleges that no consultations took place between stake holders and the committee when conclusions were drawn on the matter.
“For this reason,” he added “we want to interrogate the Minister about the decision he has taken to ensure that such a decision is not implemented.”

The Trade and Industry MP fears constraints on the corporate visa applications would stifle job creation and investment to certain secures.

“It will be problematic if they are unable to employ people across the labour spectrum,” he reiterated.



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