Tuesday, November 09, 2021

Ehailing drivers in Cape Town expected to down keys this week

E-hailing taxi drivers in Cape Town are expected to down keys this week in demand of a bigger cut.

This comes after drivers working for Uber and Bolt apps say fare prices had dropped, but their percentage cut had remained the same, effectively resulting in lower earnings.

The apps charge commission of between 20% and 30% which drivers want it lowered to 13%.

Drivers using both Uber and Bolt said they had been excluded from fare decisions and new pricing was costing them.

"They are exploiting us, especially Uber and Bolt. Uber reduced the price of the rides three days ago without informing the drivers but they are still taking 25%," said one driver.

Drivers added that the recent petrol price hikes are also costing them income.

"Petrol is at an all-time high. This year it has gone up like three times already, but Uber did not increase the price. On the contrary, they reduced the prices of the rides. The driver has to fork out the money because they [Uber] are greedy and they are abusing drivers."

Done by Lucille Dyosi

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