Thursday, March 23, 2006

Cape Metro saga continues

The Independent Democrats are to launch a motion at the Cape Town council's next full sitting to replace the executive mayoral system with an executive committee based on the proportional support received by political parties in the recent local elections. The ANC says it will support the move. ID leader Patricia de Lille is quoted as saying if the DA does not agree to the executive committee system by March the 29th; her party will go ahead with the motion, which, if it succeeds, will wrest decision-making authority from executive mayor Helen Zille.

Since Zille's election last week, the DA has been trying to get the ID to join its multiparty forum which, with 106 seats, holds a fragile majority in the 210-seat council. But talks have deadlocked over, for example, the ID's insistence that the ANC come on board in a collective executive committee system. The DA gave the ID until midnight last night to make a decision. The ID has since rejected the DA’s offer.


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