Friday, June 19, 2009

City distances itself from inefficient sewage system

By Kim Saulse
19 June 2009

The owner and residents of a block of flats on Rietvlei Road in Kuils River have expressed their frustration with what they call the city’s inefficient sewage system.

Residents on the ground floor of Riverton flats have complained about flooding and a stench whenever it rains heavily.

“This has been a problem for over a year now. The wooden floors swell and the water seeps through it,” said one resident Kim Barlow

The flats are located next to a canal in Kuils River, which worsens the problem when the water levels rise.

“The council visited the site where it was discovered that drains and sewage pipes were blocked with fat,” said City spokesperson
Charles Cooper

“The city can’t be held accountable for the problem, as the flats are private property. He said it is the “owner’s responsibility to rectify the problem,” added Cooper

Barlow says the worst is yet to come, as residents on the ground floor brace themselves for winter’s heavy downpour.


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