123 suspects apprehended by LEAP officers

 Law Enforcement Advancement Plan (LEAP) officers confiscated 6 illegal firearms and arrested of 123 individuals for a variety of crimes between 12 to 18 September.

In a statement, authorities stated that 13 illegal firearms confiscated in Gugulethu, Bishop Lavis, Delft and Nyanga. This included 302 suspects that were apprehended.

Western Cape's Police Oversight & Community Safety MEC, Reagen Allen said of the 123 persons that were arrested, 1 was arrested for the possession of an illegal firearm, 6 for the possession of illegal ammunition, 5 for the possession of an imitation firearm, 77 for the possession of drugs and 14 for the possession of dangerous weapons.

As LEAP officers work with a multitude of law enforcement agencies, they conducted 179 joint and Integrated operations with other City of Cape Town Law Enforcement Agencies and SAPS.

“LEAP’s strategic and deliberate deployment will continue, as it’s directly working in areas that require these extra resources. The National Minister continues to fail the Western Cape by not providing the resources that are required, but we’re not sitting on our laurels, and instead is going the extra mile for our citizens. LEAP, and the manner in which they are managed is but an introduction to what SAPS would look like once they are devolved to a capable province such as ours. We should never lose the appetite in our fight against crime,'' said Allen.

images from Marcellino Martin

By Everngelista Muza


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