Grade 2 teacher stabbed at Bonteheuwel school

A Grade 2 educator is receiving medical treatment after a perpetrator stabbed her at a Bonteheuwel school, this morning. According to reports, the perpetrator allegedly jumped over a high wired and spiked perimeter fence at Arcadia Primary school and entered into a Grade 2 classroom. It’s understood the perpetrator then stabbed the teacher in the shoulder and ran off with her cellphone,

SAPS are investigating the matter.

Western Cape Education Department’s spokesperson, Bronagh Hammond said its disturbed by the incident.

‘’SAPS were immediately called and the teachers currently being medically treated. Thankfully, the wounds are not serious, however such an incident is extremely traumatic for the teacher, learners and the entire school community, and therefore counselling support has been arranged, but we do sincerely hope the perpetrators get apprehended as soon as possible.''

Done by: Mitchum George


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