WCED says writing systemic tests is not a choice for SADTU to make decisions

Nontando Mafanya
14 September 2016

SADTU’s call for schools to boycott the WCED annual systemic tests is yet another attempt at avoiding accountability of teachers, for which SADTU is notorious.

The Department has informed them time and time again of the benefits of these tests and why they conduct them. 

They are not convinced, and they are entitled to their opinion. 

They are not, however, entitled to interfere with the running of the Department.

Spokesperson of MEC of WECD, Jessica Shelver says in a statement if entire schools in areas of similar socio-economic circumstances achieve massively different results, it needs to be asked why. 

She says A child has one opportunity to be at school.

It must be the best experience possible. 

they cannot worry about the sensitivities of unions about exposing bad teaching.

She added saying that If they had to rely on the ANA’s, they would have no results on which to base their School and District Improvement Plans.

 Unless the ANA’s are independently set and marked and internationally benchmarked, they will not replace their systemic tests. 


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