Dear Mr. President

Wake up and smell the unemployment rate, and don’t just talk about it using words we don’t understand, do something about the fact that we spend more than twelve years invested in secular education only to find out all the spots have been taken. It’s time to invest in us. Hear us. We are the future, Your South Africa we will carry on our backs.

How are there still countless attacks against women and children? Who is in charge of these rampant murders being the accompaniment of every bowl of cornflakes, every morning on every radio station. Hear us! We are our mothers, sisters, and daughters.

Why do we have to hide in our houses because of gangsterism that has consumed our streets, and hide our children because of drugs that find them on every corner and when we say houses, we mean the lack there of.

Don’t just hear us Mr. President but listen too.

By: Aneeqa Du Plessis


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