Thursday, June 27, 2019

The modern generation’s most misused weapon

The modern generation’s most misused weapon

Scrolling through my Facebook timeline the other day, I came across a disturbing post which read: “I’m sorry, but I honestly feel like we’ve exhausted the 1976 youth history. Can we start celebrating today’s youth? ”“Wait, What?! How dare she?! How dare she disrespect the legacy of the 1976 youth?

The youth of ’76 was revolutionary! They had lots of courage, they had a purpose, and they had heart – Power! But they never had WhatsApp or Twitter. It turns out that we as the modern generation, are no less revolutionary.
We have the resourcefulness of modern technology at our finger tips and that is not undeniable power, if you ask me. We as today’s youth can utilize to fight our modern day struggles. Struggles of unemployment, lack of sex education, lack of support for entrepreneurs, the list goes on. It is also power we often find ourselves misusing cell phones by using social media.

By Zaid Omar.



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