Tuesday, June 18, 2019



It’s been over forty years that the youth of South Africa fought against devastating oppression,
discrimination and ruthless abuse. The youth played a pivotal role against the fall of the apartheid
regime but in 2019 we face completely different challenges. We might not be taking to the streets in
protest because of racism, poverty or overwhelming violence but we find ourselves in the age of
fighting to be recognized for who we are without labels. In 2019 do not assume our gender. We are
fighting to save our planet, we are the voice of the sea, we chant for sea turtles, sperm whales and
the trees. We are fighting for employment, and the chance to climb the cooperate ladder and not
just sit on the Jammie steps. It took Bantu Education 26 years to be annulled, but how long will it
take us to revoke our actions against the mother of all mothers, Earth.
We may have been born free but have we become our own apartheid regime?

By: Aneeqa Du Plessis



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