City of Cape Town facing lawsuit for fining homeless people

The ideal of fining homeless people is now turning against those who implemented it without proper consideration, the City of Cape Town is facing lawsuit brought by seven homeless people. Cities by law caused an outcry After the matter initially hit the headlines, a humanitarian organisation whose core purpose is to help improve poverty, the Community Chest, held debates with key participants including the SA Human Rights Commission  and numerous NGOs, chief executives of homeless shelters, and other figureheads fighting the root of street persons to try to find solutions.

Commercial lawyer, Lucien Lewin also participated to act on behalf of corporates and individuals and outlined this as a serious human rights to be dealt with as to create social justice. According IOL, He brought lawsuit “to give voiceless people a voice” and that is why he use his skills to support demoted and oppressed fellows of society.
Seven plaintiffs namely: Carin Gelderbloem, Emily Smith, Vuyo Mbozi, Beulah Meyer, Natasha Persent, Xolani Siboxo and Patricia Geyser were pronounced as vagrant in Cape Town CBD. Majority of political parties condemned the city’s actions as cruel and inhumane. This lawsuit is intensely supported provincial government individuals and legislatures. The applicants tell their stories in their court bid. 

Gelderbloem, “was born into a professional, middle-class family in Athlone before being moved to Mitchells Plain, where her mother was a teacher in the 1980s. Her father was a chef. She matriculated at Spine Road High School, and then trained” and worked as a hairdresser before getting married in 2006”. Unfortunate situations, plus the death of her partner after two years of marital, saw her forced to live on the roads.

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Mandlenkosi Mde                


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