FlySafair passengers traumatized by emergency landing

There has been an investigation in the allegations that FlySafair was insensitive to traumatised passengers following an emergency landing minutes after take-off. The emergency landing came after passenger’s smelled smoke and fumes and that’s when the panic ensued. A spokesperson from the company said “the plane made an emergency landing because of cabin pressurisation system and not because there was smoke”. Immediately after the crew heard about the issue they made a U-turn back to the Cape Town International airport in what is known in aviation terms as a Rapid Descent.
Apparently the tried taking the plane down 10 000 feet above sea level where pressurization is not a concern. An English tourist Luke Davies said “everything happened so fast and there was panic as some people thought they were going to die, but luckily the crew was professional and informed them of a possible crash landing”.

After the plane had successfully landed some people wanted to continue with their journey to Durban so a spare plane was provided for them. The passengers who were still anxious about the incident were expecting the Airline Company to provide them with hotel rooms but the airline refused saying that is not in their policy. Kirby Gordon FlySafair distribution head said “they offered refunds to those no longer wishing to fly and free changes to those who still wanted to fly (on any of our flights that they wanted to use).The airline has also made counsellors available to any customers seeking to speak to someone professional regarding their experience”.

By Chuma Matiwane



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