Monday, August 19, 2019

Western Cape residents asked to be aware as human trafficking grows

Human trafficking in the Western Cape is growing and the government and countless organizations are asking individuals to be alert in fighting traffickers.  

Various vulnerable persons are trafficked to the Western Cape and will be forced to do sexual work under the false expectation of getting a work in the city. Victims are frequently hidden in plain sight, engaged in apparently legitimate businesses within the local economy. The control applied over trafficked victims can be subtle, brutal or physical, as well as financial and psychological. This can keep the crime and their plight invisible to the unknowing public

According to local NGO Men against Prostitution and Trafficking of Women, human trafficking in the form of involuntary labour and sexual work is considered mainly predominant in the Western Cape because of the vulnerability of children and women and the well-organised organization of human trafficking. Targets of human trafficking are characteristically individuals who are the most vulnerable in society. They might be attracted through false job advertisements, sold by family, abducted, seduced, and trafficked by a ‘friend’ or through false immigration.

Statistics shows less than 2% of individuals trafficked are ever found.

To report suspected cases, call the South African National Human Trafficking Resource Line on 0800222777

By: Ellouise Muller

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