Monday, September 09, 2019

21 arrested after woman dies in Samora Machel violence, looting

Photo: Phando Jikelo / African News Agency (ANA)

In the early hours of Sunday morning protesters had occupied and took everything was in so what to be called was grocery chain store in Samora Machel near Philippi. Protesters, after chanting whole Saturday night over the accusations to foreign of stealing jobs and dominating to high rate of drug abuse. Same it happened at Gauteng province since last week, Samora Machel is one newly reported this violence in Cape Town.

A pregnant woman died during this looting and 21 people were arrested and expected to appear at Athlone Magistrate court on September 9, 2019. Police are investigating the circumstances surrounding the death of deceased woman.
According IOL report a Police spokesperson Andrie Truat was quoted saying law enforcement was deployed for high alert around the area and monitored the situation to prevent further occurrence and Police were also beefed up to maintain law, however, protesters took the streets and looted more other shops. In this case Samora Machel commuty residents remain to face the challenge to travel for groceries because of the senseless acts.

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Mandlenkosi Mde

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