Mitchells Plain Hospital has reopened following a wildfire

Picture: Daily Voice

City Fire and Rescue Services responded to Mitchells Plain Day Hospital early Monday after reports of fire and smoke coming from the roof. Patients were quickly evacuated and waited outside the gates as firefighters entered the scene. An elderly woman who was going for a monthly check-up said her blood pressure had suddenly risen. Daily Voice reported that, the hospital was closed for the weekend investigating the health and safety and clean-up after a fire that destroyed the theatre on Friday afternoon. The fire erupted about 12:30pm at night and buildings had to be evacuated.

On Monday, the Western Cape Department of Health confirmed that the facility will be open for services today. In a Facebook post on Sunday evening, the department said the services would continue as usual, "but we urge all customers to be patient with staff to ensure effective service after a painful incident". On Monday, the department said there was no second car, it was a wiring problem. “The fire department has ordered the site to repair it. Renovations took place on Monday morning. Normal evacuations are done to ensure patient safety and then services continue as usual.” Fire and rescue services spokesman, Jermaine Carelse, said: “It was an electrical wire that was located on the roof of the house, close to the consultation. "Electrician from their department was available and isolated that area”.

Edited by Intern:
Mandlenkosi Mde