Online petition launched by firefighters

The City of Cape Town’s fire Department  will no longer work any overtime hours starting from next month, because they are only paid a very small fragment over their usual salaries for the many overtimes they work each month.

As the summer approaches and the fire season threatens, this could mean the city will have no one to fight the fires across the province.The fire fighters have started the  online petition pleading with the City of Cape Town to pay them their hours of overtime and are also asking the public to  add their signatures. The public is urged to visit the petition here: Renumerate City of Cape Town Firefighters for their hours worked

The firefighters are fully paid to work 40 hours per week, which is the total of 160 hours per month. However they work up to total of 240 hours per month. That means they work 80 hours compulsory overtime each month. These hours are not covered by their obligational salary.
The rate  agreement was met many years ago according to a “Fire lapse agreement” which has long since been expired, and they say they will no longer allow anyone to  take advantage.

Edited by
Naledi Lefatsa