Thursday, September 19, 2019

Teen goes to party, tells parents she was kidnapped and almost sold as sex slave

Picture: IOL

A girl has gotten herself into trouble after she had lied about being kidnapped and almost sold as a sex slave. A matric student apparently created a fictitious story after spending the night at a party with his friends and boyfriend, looking for a reason to put her out of trouble, she told her parents and teachers, that she was kidnapped and kept in a Heinz Park shack by "black foreigner men" on Sunday night and would be sold as a sex slave with 10 other girls. According to IOL, A Grade 12 student from Athlone High School was caught by the Manenberg detective, Sergeant Darryl van Noie.

The station's police chief, Colonel Sanele Zama, said they had spent significant time investigating the "shocking" case. “The child was brought to the station on Monday by her parents. "In her report, she claims she was walking down Zuurberg Road (Heideveld) on Sunday after 7pm when a man put a scarf on his face and she could not see," explains Zama. she woke up on Monday morning and did not know where she was, and with 10 other girls with their hands and feet tied with ropes and she saw "black men outside". “she continued to say that there was a riot outside the shacks and that the men from there had the opportunity to talk to the other girls who said they would be sent at 3pm to be sold as sex slaves, Zama said. The girl said she had money and a cellphone in which she managed to escape, but was shocked to see that the shack was in "Heinz Park." she was taken to the doctor but asked to bring a J88 form then had to visit the police station and where she was caught, adding Zama. At this time, social media was suspicious of the “kidnapping”, which posed a threat to the community.

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