Teenager assaulted in xenophobic attack

A Grade 10 pupil at Salt River High School was attacked in an alleged bullying incident at the school following months of threats from her peers. Donette Ngonefi said the tension began at the beginning of the year when she was elected class monitor. Fellow pupils were allegedly against her appointment because she was a foreigner.

The abuse was then reported to the principal who allegedly showed “a lack of compassion” because she had notified the principal of the verbal abuse before it escalated to an assault last week. In a video of the attack, Donette is seen sitting while some the pupils scream and shout at her. The incident escalates as multiple students begin assaulting her. 

Donette suffered multiple injuries including injuries to her abdomen. A teacher who refused to be named due to an ongoing situation regarding the matter said Donette came to her crying and she was in a bad state. 

The Western Cape Department of Education communications director, Bronagh Hammond said: “The SGB met on Wednesday afternoon to decide a way forward and will continue with disciplinary proceedings. While the actions of the original fight are unacceptable, the actions following this incident by the other learners is just as wrong. The WCED are monitoring the situation.  We await the outcome of the disciplinary hearings.”

By: Aneeqa du Plessis