Monday, September 09, 2019

The Mankind Project

Cape Town, South Africa, 06 September 2019- At 9am on Monday the 9th of September, men around South Africa will stand together – wherever they are. Whether at work, at home or in transit, men are being challenged to step up, go out into the street and stand in silence for 9 minutes as a symbol of solidarity for all men standing together in peace.

‘’Let us show our wives, our mothers, our daughters, our sisters our girlfriends, our lovers, our friends, our colleagues, OUR COUNTRY, that we stand together in grief, sadness and anger at the current state of our nation’’ says Kholikile Dlaykiya from the Mankind Project, an international non-profit community of men from all walks of life across society.

‘’We are father and sons, brothers and husbands, we are role models for our families and our communities and occupy positions of power. We need to take accountability for the roles we play and the fact that this current crisis of violence against women is due to our action, and inaction.’’ says Dlakiya.

Mankind Project challenges ALL men across South Africa, regardless of age, race or income to take a stand together at this critical moment. ‘’We must all do whatever we can to keep our streets, our families and our country safe from legacy of violence and abuse that still plagues our society. Let’s show them what real men look like.’’



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