Thousands sign petitions for death penalty

Thousands sign petitions for death penalty

228 603 signatures were gained by petition this morning, and another petition was launched which called on Parliament to declare gender-based violence which received over 120 000 signatures on its petition. Yesterday South African were outraged after the news of UCT student Uyinene Mrwetyana who went missing for little over a week, was raped and murdered at the Post Office in Claremont. The 19 year old’s body was found in Khayelitsha. A Post Office employee who is the suspect appeared in court yesterday and was charged with her murder and rape after he confessed.

Tomorrow, Wednesday 4 September there will be a picket outside Parliament, calling everyone to join in the #NotInMyName.

At least 3 women die at the hands of their partners daily, according to latest statistics in gender-based violence. Gender-based violence has spiked over the past decade, with the country’s femicide now five times higher than the global average. More than five women experienced physical violence and is worsened to one-in-three in low-income areas. These statistics point towards a government and society crippled by an inability to protect women and especially children.
Existing institutions and resources should be better deployed, coordinated and monitored. There were more than 10 institutions to promote gender equality and prevent gender-based violence. One of the many recommendations towards solving his issue is that South African Police Service should record the prevalence of Gender-based violence against women as a standalone crime category to measure the true extent of gender-based violence. 

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Jasmine Johnson-Mazwi 
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