What is happening to the youth?

What is happening to the youth?

On September 2, twelve children in Delft were treated by paramedics after they took sleeping medication which one of the children stole from their parents. Children between the ages of 6 years old and 8 years old, each took a few of the tablets, felt a bit drowsy before passing out in the street. Residents in the area called the paramedics when the children started acting weird, and the children were assisted. Phenergan is a powerful antihistamine used for severe allergies and side effects including drowsiness and nausea.

Not more than a week ago on August 30th Crime Fighters in Hanover Park raised the alarm about a shocking new school yard game. Rumours of the news game surfaced when patrollers heard the pupils during interval shouting to “catch them and sex them.” According to Hanover Park Community Police Forum chairperson Ebrahiem Abrahams, the game is being played at high schools too and asks for schools to monitor playground practise.

In another incident on August 22, Retreat residents discovered a group of teen girls passed out in a public park after getting high on cough syrup. The 13 year old girls were found in Julius crescent Park after consuming a concoction called “Lean”, police says the dangerous mix of cough syrup containing codeine, fizzy cool drink and Ibuprofen causes one to get high. The picture of the girls passed out in the park went viral on social media.

In some lighter news, The Association for Alcohol Responsibility and Education (Aware.org) new underage drinking campaign aims to address the underage drinking in South Africa. The multi-platform harm reduction and awareness campaign is intended to drive behavioural change. With Kabelo Mabalane as its ambassador, the national harm reduction campaign is informed by evidence-based in-depth research. With the the insight that many people’s first exposure to alcohol is usually at a young age the campaign is underpinned by the message ‘Underage drinking starts long before it begins. You can stop it.’

Are we aware of the youth being out of hand because it is time to do something about it?

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