Thursday, October 17, 2019

A paramedic’s nightmare

With enthusiasm men and women of the Cape in green reflective uniforms carry medical supplies. Grooving along to the music, with free spirits, they count the packs of gauze, fold fresh linen and stow them away. Until it is time for a 12 hour overnight shift terror creeps in.

 What if’s controlling their minds, laying their lives on the line to save lives just to be gun pointed in their faces again, be searched at knife point again and ambushed again. This is the life of medics on duty for Western Cape Health Department Emergency Services. At their service in different location.

“it is a red zone” meaning ambulances have been attacked there recently. “There are no patient in sight!” They make a U-turn and get out in a hurry suspicious of a set up.

This is the life of a paramedic in the cape.


Done By Namhla Monakali



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