Wednesday, October 09, 2019

How safe are pupils at schools?

The Western Cape Government should provide children with a full and rewarding education, need to make sure that they’re able to learn in a safe and comfortable environment. However, learner safety isn’t limited to keeping children safe at school during school hours. It also means being aware and involved in their activities before and after the school bell rings.
With a budget of R33 million for the 2019/2020 financial year, key elements of the school safety initiative to make schools safer for children, include:
·        Physical security - fences, burglar bars, windows ‘stone’ guards (for vandalism), alarms, access control, armed response, guards, and patrols.
·        Plans, policies and procedures - school-based policies, district and provincial policies, safety procedures, planning support on all levels, and training interventions.
The Western Cape Government want to ensure the safety of children throughout the school day before, during and after classes.

In two cases that recently took place at two schools, one begins questioning the safety of students. Case against Sebokeng pupil accused of murder provisionally withdrawn and Mossel Bay pupils receiving counselling after duo's violent deaths

The State has provisionally withdrawn the case against a 15-year-old boy accused of killing his classmate in Sebokeng. The teenager made a brief appearance in the Sebokeng Magistrates Court on Tuesday. He was accused of stabbing his classmate with a pair of scissors on Monday at the Thuto-Tiro Comprehensive School. The boy's case was heard in camera because he's a minor.

On Tuesday, the boy's father told that he believed the stabbing was an accident but that his family accepted responsibility. He said he rushed to his son’s school after receiving an emergency call about a fight. When he got there, there were no paramedics in sight and frantic efforts were under way to save the life of the teenager his son was accused of stabbing.
The father said he understood the seriousness of what happened. He said even those who witnessed the incident thought the two boys, described as close friends, and were playing. The father said the teenagers grew up together and their families knew each other well.

Pupils of Hillcrest Secondary School in Mossel Bay are getting trauma counselling after the violent deaths of two pupils. A 16-year-old Grade 10 scholar was allegedly stabbed to death by three fellow scholars yesterday, while a 17-year-old was killed after being hit on the head by robbers at the weekend. 

Ivan Kronenberg school principal told the SABC on Tuesday. The situation is still volatile. They have strengthened their security at the school. For next two weeks there will be guards on the premises and they will have continuous surveillance on school premises. Malcolm Pojie police spokesperson Captain said three accused, ranging from Grade 10 to 12, were arrested last night in connection with the stabbing.

In August, three pupils were stabbed at the Indwe Secondary School in Mossel Bay on successive days. On August 21, a 19-year-old pupil was stabbed in the back by a pupil of a similar age off the school premises. The accused was arrested. The Mossel Bay Advertiser reported, the following morning a group of pupils allegedly brought a bag full of weapons to the school. They had waited for another group of pupils to finish writing a test before allegedly stabbing two of them. When a teacher tried to intervene, she was allegedly assaulted by the pupils.

It was also reported that some of the perpetrators were not from Indwe but attended other schools in the area. Five people were arrested over the incident. 

By: Ellouise Muller

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