Thursday, October 24, 2019

S.A and Russia strengthen ties

S.A and Russia strengthen ties
On Wednesday Russia landed two nuclear-capable bombers in South Africa on a training mission. The South African Defence Forces confirmed that the two Tupolev Tu-160 strategic bombers landed down at Waterkloof air force base in Tshwane and said that the mission is to strengthen ties between the two countries.
Speaking during the first Russia-Africa summit, Russian head of state Vladimir Putin called for a trade with African countries to double in the next few years and said the country’s capital had written off African debts to the sum of over US20billion.

“Many Russian companies have long and successfully worked with partners from the most different sectors of the African economy and plan to expand their influence in Africa, we will provide support at the state level” said Putin
Putin also accused former colonial countries in the west of blackmailing and intimidating African countries.

Meanwhile Russia’s state nuclear company Rosatom is in talks with the Ethiopian government to build a nuclear power station in the country.

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