What is a healthy diet and why is it imperative?

A healthy diet meets the nutritional needs of persons by providing sufficient, safe, healthy, nutritious and diverse foods to lead a good life and reduce the risk of disease. People cannot ignore the fact that nutritious diets at times are costly and is not affordable to many people.

Did you know that an unhealthy diet is the main risk factor for several deaths from non-communicable diseases like cardiovascular disease, diabetes and cancers? Nearly one of three people are affected by obesity and some other forms of malnutrition. No doubt, there are solutions to reduce all forms of malnutrition but global commitment and action to be taken are required with full commitment.

The combination of good nutrition and healthy weight reduces the risk of chronic diseases. If one eats healthy, nutrients will reach to your body and one will remain healthy, active and strong. Physical activity with healthy diet also plays an imperative role.

By: Ellouise Muller