Wednesday, December 21, 2022

680 learners still needs to be placed for 2023 academic year at Western Cape schools, says WCED

Almost all the grade 1 and grade 8 learners who applied for schools in the Western Cape for 2023, have been placed.

According to the Western Cape Education Department (WCED), only 680 of these learners are still to be placed.

As of 20 December 2022, the department placed 111 616, or 99 %, of the Grade 1 and Grade 8 learners for next year. This is 50 160 more Grade 1 and 8 learners than the same period as last year.

The two grades always present a problem of thousands of learners who go through the first terms of the year still looking for schools in the province.

‘’We have placed Our officials and schools have done a phenomenal job under extreme pressure to make sure that they find a place for every child. We are leaving no stone unturned in our effort to place every learner, and we will continue to work to finalise placement for all remaining learners.’’

Maynier says officials are working hard looking for schools for the remaining learners.

‘’However, the education system is still under immense pressure: our schools are full, and we are going to struggle to place learners whose parents only apply on arrival in January next year.’’

‘’Which is why it is so important for communities to support us in delivering the new schools and classrooms we will need, and we must all work together to prioritise the delivery of school infrastructure for our children,’’ added David Maynier, Education MEC.


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