Friday, June 30, 2006

Knysna dj set to plead not guilty

By Chanel September

The Knysna disc jockey accused of raping and murdering two young women last year trial’s date is approaching after months of postponements, the Knysna District Court heard Thursday. Magistrate Elmarie Potgieter postponed the matter for further investigation after a brief hearing. Heinrich van Rooyen supported by family members was not asked to plea, but his attorney Daan Dercksen told the court repeatedly, that he would profess his innocence. Dercksen also stated that a date for trial has been set for August 24. According to the Cape Times the family of both Jessica Wheeler and Victoria Stadler were not present in court. Wheeler’s partly clothed body was found on October 13 and Stadler one month later November 15, both girls reportedly knew van Rooyen. Van Rooyen is set to remain in custody as he his lost bail application.


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What is the latest on this case?


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