Wednesday, June 07, 2006


Authorities concerned about World Cup sex trade
By Nadia Samie

BONN, GERMANY: While Germany puts the finishing touches to the World Cup preparations two says ahead of kick-off, authorities have a dilemma on their hands: how to deal with the expected surge in the illegal sex trade industry.

Prostitution is a legal enterprise in Germany, and the competitive trade employs some 400 000 prostitutes. However, it is not the legal sex industry that authorities and the German Council of women are concerned about, but rather the thousands of young women from the eastern parts of Europe who are thought to be forced into prostitution.

Reports here estimate that 40 000 women will be brought into Germany during the World Cup to accommodate the higher demand. Other reports put the figure closer to 200 000.

Some hosts cities such as Cologne and Dortmund are even preparing temporary locations. There are concerns from authorities about the impact of the World Cup on prostitution, and they are now considering handing out condoms at World Cup stadiums.


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