Thursday, March 26, 2009

City introduces new waste management by-law

By Sasha Forbes
26 March 2009

The City of Cape Town will be introducing a new Integrated Waste Management By-law which will enable it to impose stiffer fines for littering and illegal dumping.

The new by-law replaces all of the old b-laws and aims at regulating and controlling the management of waste, said City of Cape Town’s Councillor Clive Justus

“The City’s 3.2 million residents produce some six-thousand tons of waste per day, this works out to an average of two kilo grams per person per day. With waste generation growing at 7 percent per annum, it is the city’s aim and objective to reduce that by ensuring that waste minimisation, recycling and re-use of waste can be adequately accommodated,” said Councillor Justus


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