Sunday, March 15, 2009

Visible policing seems successful in crime fighting

By Mishkah Anthony
15 March 2009

The South African police service in conjunction with South African Air Force, Marine and Coastal Management, Metro Police, Provincial Traffic Police conducted a two day crime fighting operation in different parts of the city on Thursday and Friday.

Members of the different forces were airlifted by an Oryx helicopter and SAPS air wing and dropped off at various main routes. The aim of the operation was to address priority crimes and road safety. Roadblocks and Vehicle Control Points were carried out on oncoming and outgoing routes, and Helicopter drops were carried out at specific identified points.

Captain Bernadine Steyn says, ”during the operation four people were arrested ,three for Possession of Drugs and one for Driving under the influence, 426 Traffic fines were issued to the value of about R287 520-00.”

Steyn says 9 people were arrested for Warrants of arrest due to traffic offences,a Mazda 626 that was reported stolen was confiscated,2647 people were searched and 1335 vehicles were searched.

Steyn says the attitude of the public was very positive during the operation and SAPS would like to thank people for the co-operation they received


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