SONA2021 to be held at Cape Town’s City Hall

The 2021 State of the Nation Address will be held at Cape Town’s City Hall

This follows the devastating fire at Parliament that destroyed parts of the National Assembly (NA) and sections of the Old Assembly Chamber.

‘’The Presiding Officers of Parliament met this (Friday) morning to consider various reports on options available for business continuity for Parliament's work, including the hosting of the State of the Nation Address (SONA)… we made a solemn undertaking that, despite the devastation of the disaster, we will not allow a situation where Parliament’s work is derailed or disrupted in any manner,’’ said Parliament spokesperson Moloto Mothapo.

President Cyril Ramaphosa will deliver his address on 10 February at 19:00.

The Western Cape Government and the City of Cape Town offered the Cape Town International Convention Centre, the City Council Chambers and the City Hall for this SONA as possible venues.

‘’The extensive damage has necessitated the institution to find an alternative venue off-site to host this important event in the parliamentary calendar and the country,’’ said Mothapo.

Out of the three, the Presiding Officers decided that the City Hall was a suitable venue.

‘’The City Hall was considered a suitable venue technically in terms of infrastructure and its capacity. It is also a befitting place considering its historical significance which is embedded in the minds and hearts of South Africans,’’ he said.

 ‘’We have ensured that this decision to host the SONA outside the Chamber of the NA, is taken in compliance with the Joint Rules of Parliament that determine where a Joint Sitting may be held,’’ Mothapo added.


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