Five killed in Delft, following acts of vigilantism

Western Cape police have condemned acts of vigilantism after the murder of five people in Delft.

According to the police, the five were caught, assaulted and burnt by angry residents in Delft on Monday.

They were accused of being involved in house robberies in the area.

The police’s Andre Traut say vigilantism is condemned and those who are involved will be prosecuted.

"They were caught, beaten and set alight. The circumstances surrounding the incident are under investigation, and arrests are yet to be made," Traut said.

"Vigilantism is condemned in the strongest possible terms, and those who take the law into their own hands will be pursued and prosecuted as criminals."

Traut confirmed on Tuesday that police discovered another body.

"Our investigation led to the discovery of a fifth body which was found in the area. This murder is linked to the one of last night, and has been added to the case docket," he said.

Police have since opened an investigation into the incident.


Done By: Mitchum George


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