Tuesday, February 28, 2006

Cape Town wakes up in darkness again

By Nadia Samie

Cape Town woke up in darkness once again this morning, in a series of rolling blackouts. The city’s Charles Kadalie, has placed the blame firmly with Eskom. Kadalie says that this morning’s blackout came after transmission lines crashed at about 2-o-clock this morning, resulting in a complete shutdown.
Kadalie says that Eskom is facing major challenges at present, as the demand is too high to handle and has a domino effect. Loadshedding is expected to take place across the city, throughout the day. There has as yet been no official comment from Eskom. Bush Radio news will keep you updated as the story unfolds. Wayne Le Roux, spokesperson on traffic for the city, says that critical intersections will be manned during peak times.


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