Tuesday, February 21, 2006

City of Cape Town attacks Eskom

The City of Cape Town has attacked Eskom openly and says the energy utility is silent about the truth of the power dilemma in the Western Cape. It has also come to light that an unusual incident took place at Koeberg Power Station at the weekend, placing it in a state of emergency. City council public lighting manager Charles Kadalie says that Eskom was arrogant and hiding something. He says Eskom does as it pleases because it has the monopoly on power in South Africa. Kadalie adds that Eskom has lost its credibility as a power supplier and the council cannot believe it any more. Meanwhile Eskom spokesperson Tony Stott says Koeberg’s Unit 2 tripped out at the weekend because of faults on the national overhead powerlines. He says the Unit’s protective mechanisms kicked in and switched it off. Stott says for safety's sake Koeberg got power from diesel generators because the Acacia station's power supply was too unstable. Stott adds that Unit 2 will now, after the interruptions, probably be switched off completely for general maintenance.


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