Sunday, October 15, 2006

Blackman Ngoro to be media tycoon

By Odette Ismail
15 October 2006

Blackman Ngoro who was fired after racist comments about coloured people, might become this country’s latest media tycoon.

Ngoro is planning on launching a “knock-and-drop” newspaper called Uhuru. Uhuru means freedom in Swahili.

The first copy is expected to be issued out in Port Elizabeth and part of the Karoo early next year. Ngoro’s partner in this project is believed to be Enver Buys, who according to reports thinks Ngoro is a ‘hero.’

While Ngoro was employed by the City of Cape Town he had comments on his website which read that ‘coloureds must undergo ideological transformation if their race is to prosper and not die a drunken death.’

This did not hinder the two men from starting their own newspaper, as Buys is, in fact coloured. The men ssay that the paper will ‘give voice to the voiceless.’

Cape Town's former mayor did, however, sack Ngoro from his job as media advisor due to the controversy that built up around his comments.

The DA took Ngoro to the Equality Court, but the matter was settled.

Buys said that a discuusion did follow after the incident, but Ngoro told him that he had been misquoted. He also adds that mainstream media unlike Ngoro do not seem to cover stories around ordinary black people.


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