Friday, October 13, 2006

Mufamadi to discuss proposed system change with Zille and Dyantyi

By Tarryn Le Chat
13 October 2006

Local Government Minister, Sydney Mufamadi, will meet Cape Town executive mayor Helen Zille and Local Government and Housing MEC Richard Dyantyi next week.

Mufamadi called the urgent meeting to find common ground on Dyantyi’s system changes. Mufamadi says that a ‘meeting of minds’ is necessary. He added that the mayor has concerns that national government considers legitimate.

Mufamadi said that, “Things have come to a point where we think this intervention has become necessary. We want to, at all costs, avoid an intergovernmental dispute.”

However, Mufamadi was reluctant to answer some of the questions asked at a press conference yesterday, saying he could not elaborate on details still to be discussed. The meeting will take place on the 18th of October.

Asked whether the ANC are acting like ‘big bullies and cry babies’ in the fact that they could not accept the outcome vote to the Democratic Alliance in Cape Town, and thus want to use their power to overturn the decision, Mufamadi answered, “That is between the ANC and the DA, his responsibility is to find a way forward for the City of Cape Town.”

Mfuamadi made it clear that differences exist between spheres of government, but a decision needed to be reached that works for both the local and national government, which includes the City of Cape Town’s municipal committee.

Meanwhile, Zille confirmed that she would be attending the meeting.

Mufamadi, said that, should the talks fail, either party wanted to go to the Constitutional Court, he would not stop them.


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