Saturday, August 29, 2009

League condemns suppression of soldiers

By Ofentse Mokae
29 August 2009

Workers International Vanguard League has condemned in the strongest possible terms the brutal suppression of the soldiers march on Wednesday to the Union buildings.

In a media statement the league says the soldiers should have the full right to protest as well as the right to strike.

League secretary Shaheed Mahomed says it is a disgrace that rank and file soldiers earn such low wages while the officer corp and generals earn huge pay packets, sitting in their comfy armchairs while sending soldiers into life-threatening situations.

“We fully support the right of soldiers to elect their leaders in the army and that their leaders should be subject to instant recall,” said Mahomed.

Mahomed say they fully support the demand for a 30% salary increase, a demand which is fully justified and fair.

He concluded they what they need are workers and soldiers action committees to defend this current struggle of the soldiers for a living wage and other demands.

“We need to unite to defend communities for their struggles for jobs for all, for bread, for decent housing for all, for free adequate health care for all; for increasing wages when prices increase,” he said.

The league says they demand the immediate unconditional release of the 2 arrested soldiers, the immediate lifting of the suspension of all soldier protestors.

They also demand a 30% increase in wage for soldiers and the entire working class, an increase to the soldiers wage to a minimum of R5000 as wages must increase when prices increase.


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