City's officials says more incidents reported in payday weekend

The City of Cape Town officials stated that they have seen an increase of problematic behavior in the payday weekend. Statistics show that the number of public safety issues – including assaults, motor vehicle accidents and drunk driving arrests is high once again.

The City’s Public Emergency Communication logged 1 631 incidents over the weekend.  Once again the majority of the calls were for medical assistance or by-law.

130 incidents were for assault, 49 motor vehicle accidents and 23 pedestrian accidents, compared to the previous weekend the city officials said that there has been a significant increase.

“The payday weekend phenomenon is not new, and it is any person’s right to let their hair down after a long week or month of work. The concern is that, in too many instances, that enjoyment results in poor choices that end up getting an individual hurt, or them hurting someone else.

The trend was even more apparent during an evening spent with our enforcement services this weekend, where more than two dozen motorists were arrested for drunk driving, and nearly a dozen others for reckless and negligent driving – during just one operation,” said the City’s Mayoral Committee Member for Safety and Security, Alderman JP Smith.


By Danielle Mentoor


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