Explosive device discovered on Macassar Beach

The Western Cape police’s explosives unit is investigating an incident in which a resident of Macassar found an “explosive device” on the beach.

A resident discovered an explosive device on Macassar Beach. The woman shared a picture of the device she allegedly discovered on Macassar Beach on a Facebook group dedicated to the areas of Strand, Gordon’s Bay, Somerset West and Stellenbosch on Monday. She asked on her post if anyone knew what it was, as she had dug it up on the beach. She also stated that there were names printed on it in black but she could not see [what is stated.].  She eventually contacted South African Police Service (SAPS) and the Explosives Unit who came out to assess the item and eventually took it away.

Ward councillor, Peter Helfrich, said concerned residents reached out to him for assistance.

“When I initially heard about the matter I contacted the senior management of the RDM to ask them to provide me with formal feedback. I received a speedy response from them stating that their experts have closely studied the photographs of the ammunition which was found on Macassar beach and is being shared on social media. They informed me that they can with absolute certainty confirm that the item is not an RDM product. They stated that they do not make, nor have they ever made this particular item”.

“In their response to me, they also confirmed that the item is an old teargas grenade which was made to be fired from a rifle. According to them, it was on the beach because these types of items were historically tested in wide open spaces like beaches. They also confirm that their experts are available to assist in any way possible should SAPS require additional information,’’ he added.


PICTURED - Esmarie Fourie: Explosive device discovered at Macassar beach

Done By: Mitchum George