WC SAPS seeks second suspect in Tulbagh mass shooting

Western Cape police are looking for a second suspect believed to be involved in the Tulbagh shooting.

SAPS says the R 100 000 reward is still up for grabs for anyone that will come forward with information that will lead to the arrest of the second suspect.

One adult male was arrested on 28 June and made his first court appearance on 30 June. His matter was postponed to 4 July for legal representation.

The only surviving victim is being treated in hospital for their wounds.

Western Cape’s Police Oversight and Community Safety MEC, Reagen Allen visited the scene of the mass shooting incident on Friday.

“This is a horrendous crime. I want to assure the local community of Tulbagh that it appears to be an isolated incident. I will be keeping a close eye on this case.”


“I’m pleased that one suspect has been arrested and would like to commend SAPS for their swift work that led to his arrest. My plea to the community is to come forward with information so that the second suspect can also be removed off our streets and dealt with by our courts. Individuals who have this type of intent in their hearts do not belong in our communities,” he added.

Allen says he will visit the area in due course to start a Neighbourhood Watch.

 “I am concerned that the area does not have a functioning but also pleased that the CPF is operational. I will be returning to the area in due course to engage the CPF and to ensure that a Neighbourhood Watch is established, as we need all hands on deck to combat crime,” said Allen.


Done By: Mitchum George


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