14 matriculants found with crib notes or cellphones in final exam

The Western Cape’s Education Department has expressed concern over the number of candidates found with crib notes or cellphones, during the 2022 National Senior Certificate (NSC) exams.

MEC David Maynier said the department received 14 reports of candidates allegedly bringing cell phones or crib notes into their exam venues.

‘’This clearly demonstrates that our monitoring processes are working, and that our invigilators are well-trained to keep a close eye on the conduct of candidates during the exam.’’

Maynier said the WCED is probing the incidents, and the candidate in question is given the opportunity to make representations to a hearing following the exam session. He added that the candidate will also have the opportunity to appeal the finding from the hearing.

‘’Candidates cannot claim to be unaware of the rules, as they were required to sign a Commitment Agreement before the beginning of the exam session which outlined the rules of the exams, and the consequences of being caught.’’

‘’It is imperative that candidates carefully check their pockets for notes or cell phones before they sit down to write, as “forgetting” that they were carrying these items is unfortunately not an excuse,’’ added Maynier.

If found guilty, candidates will be disqualified and potentially barred from up to three future exam sessions.

‘’Cheating is simply not worth it! While we have not had any reported incidents of paper leaks to date, we remind learners that they must report any information they receive about suspected leaks. This was also covered in the Commitment Agreement. It is important to stress that being involved in exam leaks can have consequences for other learners who did not cheat, too, as they might have to rewrite the paper through no fault of their own.’’

‘’Please, let us all make sure that everyone has a fair chance in these exams, and not do anything to compromise the integrity of the exams,’’ added Maynier.


Done By; Mitchum George


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