Monday, January 28, 2008

Southern Africa Trust says countries can control flood risks

By Rhodé Marshall
28 January 2008

The Southern Africa Trust says food production in South Africa has largely been affected by floods and droughts – as parts of Mozambique, Zambia and Zimbabwe have been flooded over the last few weeks.

The trust has released a brief named Building Bridges Out of Poverty which states that South African Development Community (SADC) countries should develop networks of water storage and distribution infrastructure so that there can be enough water between seasons which could help alleviate flood risks.

According to the policy most countries in the SADC region are too dependent on rain to water its agriculture.

“Southern Africa needs to invest in the management and development of water resources, including irrigation infrastructure technologies and efficient use of limited water resources,” says the Regional integration advisor at the Southern Africa Trust, Dr. Themba Mhlongo.

Mhlongo says the inadequate control of water is one of the key factors limiting competitiveness of agriculture in Southern Africa.


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