Wednesday, November 26, 2008

Dead whale found at Muizenberg Beach

By Cindy Witten
26 November 2008

A 10 metre juvenile hump backed whale has been found in the surf line at Muizenberg beach. The dead whale was found floating in waist deep water and appears to have been bitten by sharks.

NSRI’s Craig Lambinon says that the beach will be closed until the carcass is removed and the water has been thoroughly checked. NSRI is urging all swimmers and surfers to exercise caution along the False Bay Coast line and warning people not to swim at Surfers corner today.

“The marine and coastal management as well as the department of environmental affairs are urging people not to swim at Muizenberg Surfers Corner for the rest of the day. They are investigating how to remove the carcass, but according to MTN, there will be a large concentration of sharks in the area,” said Lambinon.


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