Thursday, November 20, 2008

Rat-trailed maggots could strike again

By Mandisi Tyulu
20 November 2008

The City of Cape Town warns that after a long, wet winter and with the onset of warmer weather, rat-tailed maggots could again appear wherever stagnant water accumulates.

The juvenile form of the drone fly caused a panic when they were detected in drinking water in 2006.

But it was proven then that the horrible little creatures had not been in the city’s water supply.

Councillor Clive Justus says to avoid a thoroughly off-putting experience; residents should drain all stagnant pools, clean drains and remove blockages.

“Stop liking of taps, remove built up of hair grees, paticles of food from basins and sinks, says councillor Justus.

“You can also put boiling water into the drain to get rid of the rat tail maggots.’’


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