Tuesday, November 25, 2008

Koornhof joins COPE

By Cindy Witten
25 November 2008

At a media briefing held by the Congress of the People (COPE), former DA member Nick Koorrnhof announced his joining of COPE.

Koornhof resigned from parliament in 2004, and since then has served as director of Strauss Daly Inc., a BEE compliant firm of attorneys as well as serving as director for a few other companies involved with lifestyle developments.

He expressed his love for politics, saying that he was ready to “join the path to a future stronger democracy.
“In the past five years I have had the fortunate position to distance myself from active politics, but present developments re-activated my energy and love for politics and today I do announce my willingness to join and work for COPE in the run up to the elections next year,” said Koornhof.

Koornhof added that he was looking forward to involving himself in the new party and is positive that COPE will expand in months leading to the 2009 elections.

Video: Koornhof announces his joining.


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