Thursday, November 27, 2008

Lack of government condoms being distributed

By Cindy Witten
27 November 2008

Over the past two weeks the Treatment Action Campaign (TAC) has noticed that there is a shortage of government condoms being distributed to health care facilities across the country.

The most affordable and effective way to reduce the transmission of HIV and AIDS is to use a condom during sex, but the TAC says that male latex condoms seem to be scarce. It is expected that with the holiday season coming up, more people will be making use of condoms.

According to Joanna Gorton from the policy and research department at the TAC, this is a major cause for concern.
“The fact that there isn’t enough (condoms) being supplied to community centres, clinics and hospitals is a huge problem. It kind of undermines any prevention efforts that we were going to try for the next few weeks, especially given world aids day and the festive season,” said Gorton.


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