Tuesday, December 01, 2015

60 people injured in Train station and tourist injured on Table Mountain

Mbasa Gqokoma
1 December 2015

A substation near Pinedeen train station in Pretoria allegedly exploded today and left 60 people with injuries ranging from minor to moderate.

Initial reports stated that there had been a train collision at this station, which is not the case.
“ER24 spokesperson Pieter Rossouw, says paramedics along with other services attended to the scene.

ER24 treated and transported a total of four patients to Thembisa Hospital for further treatment.

The remaining patients will be transported to hospital by other services that were on the scene.

The cause of the incident is unknown, fire and other authorities were on the scene for investigation.

Meanwhile, an Australian tourist visited Table Mountain yesterday when she allegedly fell and fractured her leg.

ER24 spokesperson, Pieter Rossouw said “Fortunately for her there was a Malawian tourist nearby who saw her and called for help”.

He said that, “The woman was airlifted by the Red Cross to ground level and was then assessed by ER24 paramedics”.

After assessment, ER24 paramedics treated and transported the woman to the Mediclinic Cape Town for further treatment.

He added that, “The patient was so impressed by her Malawian saviour and the medical services of South Africa she even posed for a photo”. 



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